Local Yokel Adventures!

Having a HOOT in off-the-beaten-path places!

                  Meet  Your Hosts -- Matt & Kimberli Maloy!

 Who the heck are these people anyway? Well, Matt hails from the Waterloo Cedar Falls area in Eastern Iowa and Kimberli's roots are just around an hour and a bit south in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Matt spent several years at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) exploring his options with focus on computer science and history education, later studying Theology at Mount Mercy and a mismatch of tracking skills (Tom Brown) and miscellaneous outdoors interests. Kimberli is one of those artsy types who dropped out of college to tour with a band and has pursued every form of performance art from live theatre, acoustic music, wedding singer gigs, rock bands and studio vocals to



composing  music for regional and national non-profits and local political campaigns and middle school and church musicals.

Together the Maloys have traveled by car, canoe, inner tube, bicycle, airplane, horse and on foot to some magical, breathtaking, secluded and even a few ridiculous places. They've  gone to down home community festivals & street dances, on Vision Quests in the desert Southwest, climbed around in the mountains, fished in river &

stream, watched the sun set over the Caribbean, partaken in small town "cuisine", seen such off-the-beaten-path wonders as the Corn Palace (SD) and the Dickeyville Grotto (WI), visited the Pine Ridge reservation, hiked on trails from Minnesota to New Mexico, explored the jungles of Cozumel on horseback and so much more.  

"Local Yokel Adventures" is their way of sharing a few pieces of the adventures they've been on with you. Jump on board, strap on that seat belt and enjoy the journey! Join the Maloys as they find joy in some small (and not so small) and unexpected places.

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